Nature is my happy place!


When I started solo traveling I did not only find back my joy in taking pictures but it was also the start for a totally new love.

The love for moving images.



It is my passion to capture the individual beauty of each country in images and videos.

My camera and drone became constant companions through every journey I embarked on.



By creating and sharing my images and drone videos I want to showcase the incredible beauty and magic of nature that exists in every corner of this world. Preserving the beauty of our planet is worth fighting for to ensure our future generations can experience it for themselves.​


Soon I also started to create videos for clients to portrait their product or service.


I love to figure out the exact message and emotion that stands for the product or service and how I can visualize it the best.



To get creative, coming up with a concept, capturing the scenes, finding the perfect soundtrack that transports or even elevates the message and the footage and finally putting everything together until it becomes a unique, perfectly matching video is the most fun for me.







The results are videos where you can see how much love got poured into them. With a devotion to detail and captivating editing.

See for yourself and watch some of the Image Videos I have done so far.



Head to my Gallery to see the images I've captured. 

Get into travel mode whilst watching one of my  Travel Videos 

or purchase an image file for prints from my Art Store** and imagine yourself in another country.



Let's get creative together!



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Franziska is born in March 1989 in Germany.

She is a certificated photographer since 2010.

Since 2016 she is creating videos and flying drones in 8+ countries.

She has been solo traveling the following countries: Germany, Australia, Newzealand, Hawaii, West-USA, Canada, India, Norway, Iceland, Turkey, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore.




(**15 % of every purchase gets donated to a good cause.)

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