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Purchase high quality files for prints of selected images of my journey.

With every image you purchase 15% get donated to a good cause.

All files are edited individually with lots of love. 

Got questions?

*Illustrative purposes only


What do I get?

You purchase the right to download an image that you select for prints . You're not purchasing a ready made print / canvas / etc.  

To learn more about your rights when purchasing an image have a look at the Licence that come with every purchase.



Why images as download files?

Simply more flexibility for you and me. You can choose the provider of your liking that you want to order your print / canvas / etc of.

You are free to edit the image regarding colors, ratio, framing, etc if wanted. For me it's a way to provide people worldwide with my art with no fuss about shipping items.



How does it work?

After choosing your image(s) you can select between PayPal or Credit Card as a payment method. You will be able to download the image(s) directly of the next page that pops up or later via a download link that you can find in your email inbox as well as the invoice for your purchase. The download link is valid for 30 days.



To which charity / good cause does the donation go?

I will choose a good cause of my liking that I trust so the money is reaching the right people / cause. The donation is completely voluntary and I am not getting sponsored. However you are more than welcome to contact me if you have suggestions on where to donate.



I can't find an image that I've seen in your gallery. Can I still order it?

Yes, please send me a request via e-mail and I'll add the image to the gallery.



In which file format is the image that I download and what resolution does it has?

All images are jpg-files in high resolution varying slightly in size. With all the images you can easily order prints etc. up to 150x100 cm size.

For further questions contact me.



Can I purchase the RAW-file of an image?

Yes, if you want an image in it's original RAW format please contact me.



With what camera are the images taken?

Most of the images are taken with the Sony alpha 7ii and various Zeiss lenses. The drone images are taken with the Phantom 4 pro of dji.



Still got questions?
Contact via our e-mail . I'm happy to help!




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