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Summit of Kongstindan

Updated: Feb 2, 2018

  • Duration: 2 to 3h

  • Distance: 5km roundtrip

  • Difficulty: Medium (difficult when the trail is wet)

  • Elevation gain: 550m

When you hike to the summit of Kongstindan you get a remarkable panorama over the town of Svolvær like in the picture above!

The trail is quiet easy (for Lofoten standards) when it's dry but get's really slippery if it rained a lot!

Where is the trail?

To get to the trail / parking lot of the trail take a left turn right before the town Svolvaer (coming from the south) to Kongsvatnveien road. Follow the road and take a right turn to an unpaved road called Kongsmarka road. At the end you will see a parking lot to your left at a lake. Go left around the bend of Kongsmarka road (200m) and you will see a little sign that leads to the hike to your right all the way up the mountain.

How is the trail?

The first section goes up really steep and includes rock climbing. It's the toughest part in my opinion and after that it get's easier.

Follow the ridge of the mountain and you'll reach a little plateau with two small lakes after 200m elevation gain.

From here you already have a beautiful view over the town of Svolvær.

At about 380 m of altitude, you go onto a first summit with a red and white post on it, crowned with a shovel.

After that the trail follows the ridge further and it's getting more complicated and narrower as you climb.

Be aware that the trail sometimes get's really narrow and you’ll have to walk near a sheer drop in certain places . At other passages you'll have to use your arms to hoist yourself onto big blocks of stone.

At the end you reach the summit of Kongstindan with an impressive panorama over Vågan Island.

If you are afraid of heights or just ask yourself if it's worth the risk, I tell you that the view is almost the same.

Go back the same way. The hike is a roundtrip.

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